ACAS ELEKTRIK CORPORATION (ACE CORP) Delivers One-Source Power Quality Solutions, Electrical Equipment & Accessories for the Utility, Industrial & Commercial sector.

Founded in the (3rd) third quarter of the new millennium (Year 2000) as a sole entity, ACE CORP started by providing power quality solutions to the different sectors in the business industry. Seeing a demand for a variety of power equipment, technologies and services, we find partners in power equipment; measurement and protection that help us serve the needs of our customers.

With our proven ability to bring inventive solutions from conventional to modern and to the most advance power systems, we were able to maintain a satisfied clientele and we had significantly help in reducing their power failures for leaders in the electronic assembly, semiconductor, data processing, telecommunication, healthcare, mining, power utilities and call center facilities.

Our strategic presence in the Visayas region has helped us a lot in the fast delivery of our after sales services to our customers both locally and in our neighboring islands.